By Stephen Jones, Jul 25 2018 11:30AM

From Esther Nagle's Post:

Rhondda Yoga

Off to the park for an hour with Marcus before my practice run at Rhondda Radio, ahead of the launch at the weekend, and my new role as presenter of “Well-being Wednesday “

If you do any work in the Rhondda area to support people’s well-being in ANY way, and would like to come on the show and tell the listeners about it, please get in touch. I *could* talk for 2 hours every week on the subject of wellbeing but I’m sure it would be much more interesting if we can learn about all the amazing things that are going on in the valley.

Jul 25 2018 12:01PM by Gill

This sounds great! Am looking forward to listening in

Jul 27 2018 11:57AM by Ray Cooper

I am a person with Parkinson's and my wife and I hold three cafes a month for the purpose of people with Parkinson's coming together. One of the cafes is held in Providence Church, Trafalgar Terrace, Ystrad on the last Tuesday of the month one at the Athletic Club Pontyclun on the last Thursday of the month and the third cafe is held at the Municipal Cafe, Pontypridd, on the third Tuesday of the month. People come together to have a cup of tea, enjoy cakes and biscuits and have a general chit-chat. On 4th August at Llantrisant Church Hall a cream tea is being held to raise funds for research into Parkinson's. Home made scones are provided together with home made cakes. The cream tea costs £4 and includes refreshments. If the cafes and the cream tea could be mentioned in your programme it would be much appreciated. Please feel free to contact me - telephone number 01443 227448

Jul 27 2018 05:42PM by Stephen Jones

Hi Ray, saw your reply under this blog and it's a great idea. If you'd like it promoted further contact our station manger Lee Cole who could add it to our community billboard. Email Lee at

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