Rhys Edwards


I am currently unemployed but I have an extreme passion for working in radio and entertaining people on the radio, playing the latest chart music and talking calls on some of my radio shows.


I got into the radio industry back in 2004, starting with small internet radio stations and worked my way up to FM radio in 2007 and I continue to take part in community and internet radio every week and hope to make it big in 5 years time… but it will be extremely challenging.

I was inspired to get into radio by growing up listening to Red Dragon FM (now Capital South Wales) from 2000 and also had an exclusive visit to the studios in March 2000 which was amazing :) I have also had some experience in watching a tech opening session at Capital FM South Wales.

Aside radio, my other interest/passion lays within computing, I have had an interest in computing since 1998 and have developed myself over the years, and also learn through college courses and now have a full BTEC qualification in I.C.T Practitoning.